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Types Of Services Covered

  • Online Education
  • K-12
  • Professional Courses
  • Executive Education
  • Higher Education
  • Vocational Training

Key Features

Personal finance to students, teachers and loans to institutions

financing models

Our financing models to education institutions are a springboard for long term

Am I eligible for a student loan?

We’re constantly scanning the education ecosystem to ensure that we can support as many students as possible


Your parent/s or you are generating income


Your parent/s and you are Indian residents [parents may be outside India if you are 18+ years of age]


Your education institution is in India


You've been accepted by an education institution for a course / field of study that is eligible


Your parent/s or you have an actively used Indian bank account

Faculty Advance Salary [FAS] Program

Now providing personal finance up to INR 6 lakhs to faculty, researchers, private teachers

Tired of waiting for your salary till month end? Submit your application below. We are keen to support each teacher’s story through financing. However, we are very selective in our FAS program and each application is processed with detailed due diligence and personal interviews to identify the genuineness of fund requirement.

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Are you a young entrepreneur working towards a path-breaking business opportunity?

ITI Growth Opportunities Fund (AIF Category I) is keen to partner and invest early in world-class founders attacking both Indian & Global markets; solving real problems using technology.

We believe that Indian startups backed by quality entrepreneurs have the power to create valuable businesses that compete on a global scale.

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