What We Do

Give Wings To Your Education Institutions - ITI EdVest is catalyzing growth through structured finance and education services

Structured Finance [Fortune Integrated Assets Finance Limited]

Our group NBFC provides secured and unsecured finance for :

  • Expansion or renovation of your campus
  • Launching new courses
  • Improving your working capital
  • Refinancing of existing debt
  • Investing in technology & research
  • Offering easy pay schemes to your students
  • Setting up incubation centers, computer labs and other projects
  • Supporting teachers in fulfilling their professional aspirations
Education Services [The Investment Trust Of India Limited]

ITI Limited provides globally certified proprietary simulation games focused on niche topics of relevance to students of premier education institutions in India. Our objective is to elevate these institutions by internationalization of their campuses. All our simulation games are spread over a period of 2 - 7 days with support from Indian and Global experts. Improve your accreditation and partner with us by writing to education@itiorg.com.